Learning Curve

Apex Deities is not just an art collection. They have lots of utilities, including making money and voting power. Because of that, there’s a bit of a learning curve. We suggest reading in order, but if you already know ArtisanAlly, just jump into the Apex Deities section.

Why ArtisanAlly?

We’re a builder group on Lukso, and we’re planning to build long term.

For building long term you first need to sustain your finances.

So we decided to build two projects that helps to sustain finance of building, called Luksta and FundUP. One for fundraising and one for grant system.

These two dapps help projects that have an MVP and small community to get money to sustain.

But what about the projects that are just starting and does not have an MVP or a community? That's why we're building ArtisanAlly.

What is ArtisanAlly?

So if you’re familiar with friend.tech you kinda know the main idea of ArtisanAlly, but if you’re not:

”ArtisanAlly helps to create personal tokens for Universal Profiles which increase in price exponentially”

But for being able to mint personal token for a Universal Profile, that Profile needs to have a Fellowship, we call the personal tokens BackerBucks and holders of those BackerBucks can use it to Endorse or Contribute.

For spam protection and incentive alignment only an Apex Deities holder can create a Fellowship.

Fellowship, the space for Artisan

Fellowship is the start of the journey for an Artisan in the ArtisanAlly.

Every universal profile can be an Artisan and get a Fellowship for themselves. But only one fellowship is possible for each Universal Profile.

If an Artisan wishes to issue a personal token, first an Apex Deity must found the Fellowship for it.

After a Fellowship is founded it will be soul bonded to both the artisan Universal Profile and the founder Deity.

Then, Artisan's backers can mint Backer Buck to show their support.

Backer Buck

After an Artisan has its own Fellowship, users can mint Artisan's personal token, which is called Backer Buck.

Backer Bucks are LSP7 non-divisible tokens related to each. Minting price starts at 1 $LYX time one is minted the minting price increases 1%.

These 1% increase will be applied on the last mint price, resulting in exponential growth.

1st token: 1 $LYX
100th token: 2.74 $LYX
200th token: 7.3 $LYX
500th token: 144.52 $LYX
1000th token: 20959 $LYX

Remember that the Backer Bucks are bound to a fellowship. This means BackerBucks of fellowship A are completely different from BackerBucks of fellowship B.

There will be a secondary market for selling the backer bucks.


Holders of backer bucks can Activate their coins by an action called Endorsement.

When you endorse your tokens, in addition to the value provided by the fellowship Artisan, your profile will also be displayed on a leaderboard within the fellowship. This will help increase your visibility.

In addition to that, there is a leaderboard for the top Fellows from which users can gain visibility.

When endorsing, you can select another profile that is not the owner of BackerBucks. This has many technical benefits, including the possibility of renting your tokens.

Endorsements are reversible actions and you can undo it to take your BackerBucks back.


BackerBuck owners can burn their precious tokens to receive special rewards from the Artisan.

This process of burning is called Contribution.

Burning a BackerBuck reduces the total supply without changing the mint price, consequently increasing the value of the tokens.

Contribution is irreversible; when someone performs it, they will lose their token. However, they will receive a Soul Bound token in their Universal Profile.

In terms of visibility, contribution has a much higher impact across all leaderboards.

Apex Deities

Apex Deities are NFTs mainly responsible for the founding of the Fellowships.

Only holders of a Deity can found a Fellowship for an Artisan.

When a Deity founds a fellowship, it will be soulbounded to that fellowship and will receive a fee from it.

Additionally, every Deity will receive a portion of the system fee based on their tier.

Deities have four tiers: S, A, B, C, which you can compare in the table at the bottom.

Deities also have a leaderboard based on the amount of fee they have collected. This will directly influence the secondary market value of the Deity.

For the first week of the ArtisanAlly only Deity holders can mint BackerBucks.

What about the Art?

Even though art is not the main purpose of the Apex Deities, it's an important part of it.

Each NFT represents a completely different cubism concept of a deity from ancient mythology.

We have a long-term plan for cooperation with the talented artist behind the works and are planning to introduce his work to the Lusko Community.

By buying a deity, you will obtain the copyright of the art pieces, and since they are complete concepts, you can create different kinds of art from them, such as paintings or even sculptures.

With each NFT, an SVG of the art plus high-quality PNG files in different sizes will be provided, and each deity will contain a brief story of its mythology.

How fee is distributed?

When a Fellowship generates income, it will be split. 80% goes to the Artisan, and 20% becomes the total fee.

Each Deity has a direct fee percentage; for example, Tier S deities have a 2% direct fee. From the total fee, this direct fee amount will be deducted and will become the system fee.

These system fees then go to a fee collector, and each deity can receive their share of system fees based on their tier.

For example, imagine Zeus, an S-tier deity, founds a Fellowship for Ninja. Now, someone mints a Ninja BackerBuck for 100 $LYX. Ninja receives 80 $LYX, and 20 $LYX becomes the total fee.
Since Zeus has a 2% direct fee, he will directly receive 2 $LYX from the fee.
Now, 18 $LYX goes to the fee collector. Each deity will receive a portion of that 18 $LYX.
For example, each S-tier deity, including Zeus, will receive 1% of 18 $LYX, which is 0.18 $LYX. So Zeus will receive 2.18 $LYX in total.

What is Founding Slots?

So, we talked about how only Deity holders can found a Fellowship.

However, Deities are not free to found unlimited Fellowships. Each Deity gets an initial founding slots; for example, S-tier deities have 4 initial founding slots.

Each time a deity founds a fellowship, one of the slots will be used and go into a cooldown. While a slot is on cooldown, it cannot be used to create a fellowship.

The cooldown of a slot is 1 Week, so after a week, it will be usable again.

There is a leveling system for deities based on the fees they collect. After leveling up, the deity gains an additional slot.

It's expected that high-tier deities level up faster, as they have more initial slots and collect more fees. However, a lower-level deity with better decisions can also compete with them.

DAO and the Voting Power

Based on the Deity tier, each deity has a specific amount of Voting Power. These Voting Powers will be used as a weight in the decision makings of the DAO.

Here are the list of possible actions for the DAO:

  • Decision on the total fee of the system.
  • Decision on the the base value of BackerBucks.
  • Decision on the the increase rate of BackerBucks.
  • Decision on upgrading the contracts.

There may be more actions that will be announced at later stages.

Apex Deities Timeline

We're planning to initiate the minting of deities on April 1st.

The reveal of deities and the launch of the initial version of ArtisanAlly will be on April 28th.

We are working hard to make this vision a reality, and we're putting a deadline to hold ourselves accountable, so take these dates with a grain of salt.

Additional Incentives

The team behind ArtisanAlly and Apex Deities is Luksta Builders.

We are the track winners of both Buildup 1 and Buildup 2 with DUP DAO and Luksta.

Currently, we're working on two funding projects called Luksta and FundUP, both of which will have their own token.

The idea of ArtisanAlly came to us when we were trying to figure out who we should AirDrop the $LUKSTA and $FundUP tokens to.

The utility of those tokens and the airdrop details will be announced in later stages, but undoubtedly the airdrop will go to the users of ArtisanAlly.