Since memecoins are trendy, we decided to create our own meme coin within the system. It'`s actually a shitcoin—literally. It'`s called $HolyShit and can be created by deities if you have one.

Each deity based on their class can create S->400,A->300, B->200, C->100 $HolyShit per d ay. After you farmed your holy shits, your deities will going to rest for a day so they can get shit more tomorrow.

After the $HolyShit supply exceeds 1 million, no farming will be available. This will give those who have minted their ApexDeities earlier an advantage to farm more.

$HolyShit can be used to purify burned BackerBucks. If you sacrifice 100 $HolyShit for a burned BackerBuck you can get that BackerBuck back. It's useful when you burned a BB earlier but then it value increased a lot. Since only 1 mil $Holyshit can ever exist only 10,000 BackerBuck can ever be purified.

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Total Minted HolyShits: 0.0

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